Rent Storage

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5ft wide unit with a 4ft door. Unit is 10ft deep. Great for small items, boxes, motorcycles. Plenty of room to stand up beds and furniture too

Starting at
$40 / month


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10ft wide unit by 10ft deep. Great for box storage or to store out of season stuff you just dont have room for

Starting at
$60 / month

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8ft high door. Unit is about the same size as a one car garage with a 14 ft high ceiling at the peak so you can stack and store even more of your belongings. Great for storing standard size car also. Unit has an 8ft door

Starting at
$80 / month


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Unit is 10ft wide by 30ft deep. Great for storage when moving between homes/apts and also for larger vehicles and boats. Unit has an 8ft door

Starting at
$110 / month

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Unit is 10ft wide by 40ft deep. This unit has a door on each side as the unit runs completely through the building. This gives you greater access to your items. Great for trailers also. Unit has an 8ft door

Starting at
$150 / month

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10x 30 with electricity (10.0x30.0x15.0)

Small 10x30

30 foot unit with lights and electrical outlets inside the unit

Starting at
$130 / month

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RV/Commercial Storage (40.0x14.0x15.0)

Small rv storage

Large 14ft wide unit with a 15ft high by 12ft wide overhead door. Unit is 40ft deep. Great for storing an entire house, large trailers, or multiple vehicles. Lights and outlets inside of the unit.

$225 / month

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Commercial/RV storage (40.0x20.0x15.0)

Small rv storage units

Unit is 40' long, 20' wide with a door opening of 15' high and 12' wide. Will fit all RV's and commercial vehicles. Unit has power outlets and lights inside

$300 / month

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